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The Scrubs Universe

The only reason I call this the Scrubs universe is because that’s the first show that started the whole universe. I will not introduce the series, so if you don’t know some of them, google them. At first this seems like your standard universe. It has three sitcoms in it, big whoop. Things are not as they seem though. First of all the only connection between Scrubs & Cougar Town is Ted Buckland in the form of a character overlap/cameo. In that he states that he is now in a disney cover group. The thing that is weird is that he says that a lot of the people there in Cougar Town look like people from his old jobs, since some of the characters are played by the main actors from Scrubs. That means that either Ted is insane or that the main characters from Scrubs have identical doppelgange a lá How I Met Your Mother in Florida. That isn’t even the bizarre part. The bizarre part is if you want to add Community into it. Danny Pudi is credited as Abed Nadir for the cameo he did in the season finale of season 2 of Cougar Town. So it is a clear example of a character overlap right? Not exactly…The character Travis in Cougar Town was mentioned to have watched a dvd of Community also Abed from Community has mentioned that he loves Cougar Town & was invited to the set to play as his cameo. He also mentions Scrubs as a show several times, weather or not the other characters knew what he was talking about is not entirely sure. This means that Scrubs Universe must sort of be in a quantum state of being both mutually fictional to Community and share the universe at the same time. It has probably to do with how often Abed takes a sledgehammer to the fourth wall. Either way I find this a very neat universe with a simple format, sitcoms. I love all three shows so finding out they “share” a universe made me kind of smile.

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